The metaphysical garden of change


When I was 9 years old, I spontaneously astral-projected and found myself suddenly experiencing infinite fields of energy within an atom, within what is commonly referred to as the 99.99…% “space” within each atom.

During this metaphysical travel, I experienced an infinite amount of potential energy fields within each atom, fields that can become actualized by our consciousness and focus.

This left an indelible mark on my soul and on my comprehension of the energies involved in the evolution of consciousness.

Where I live in the eastern regions of Canada, I see the metaphysics of change as being similar to what happens during the change of seasons, when everything not only comes back to life, but when the yearly ritual of building our summer garden takes place.

Gardening is a lot like building a new field of consciousness, a new field of energy, where we are co-creating a new existence with a power greater than ourselves.

What is currently happening globally is a change of energetic season. We are still vibrating in the old consciousness, while also vibrating in the frequencies of a new consciousness. Upheaval and resistance is a normal part of all change.

As we journey towards a new higher consciousness, we may imagine this to be an enchanting voyage. Yet, the old consciousness will resist change and fight for its survival. We must do what is called “shadow work” to both create, and fully exist within the new vibratory field of this new consciousness. What this shadow work consists of is letting what was once hidden from us rise to the surface to be embraced, loved and healed. This is true for individuals as well as the world at large.

In the garden analogy, to build a new garden we need to have a vision, believe in our vision and feel excited at what we are building.

Yet for our vision to come to life, we need to accept the messy situation that exists in the garden as it is.

We need to have an honest assessment of where we are at right now.

And we need to focus all of our energy into what we are creating.

Nothing brings this more into sharp focus like a change of season, change being the key word.

As we clean up our garden following a harsh winter, many plants and flowers will need to be cared for, pruned, branches cut, trees trimmed back. This can be painstaking but it is a necessary part of rebuilding our garden as nature comes back to life.

If all we see or experience is the arduous task of getting our hands dirty or all the back breaking digging needed to be done, we can be assured that the experience will be a negative one.

Yet… our vision for our garden, our belief in our vision and the excitement for it are still intact.

Whether the experience of creating our vision is positive or negative, this is not what matters. The focus is still on creating a new garden.

And metaphysically speaking, this is akin to focusing on a new consciousness.

On the positive side, focusing on a beautiful rose, brings joy.

On the negative side, focusing on the rose bush attacking us with its sharp thorns, brings  pain.

Yet both are part of the garden.

Both are necessary to build a beautiful garden.



In our daily life, when someone is rude for instance, we can focus on the other person’s rudeness, look to blame them for all of our reactions, and maybe start looking for validation of our feelings through talking to others who also know this person, perhaps even going on YouTube looking for videos on how rude people are narcissists or have some sort of personality disorder.

On and on it goes, never going anywhere, never changing the vibration of the situation at all.

In the rose analogy, we can focus on the beautiful flower and protect ourselves from the rosebush’s sharp attacks by wearing gloves and protective clothing.

Consciousness is really wherever we are, right now. If we want to awaken and experience greater consciousness, it won’t be a journey without work. Change is not easy. It will feel hard at times, it will feel lonely. We will feel lost at times too. But if we can remember that we are building a new consciousness, a new field of energy with our vision, belief and excitement of what we are creating, then our consciousness shifts much more easily.

When we accept that we will need to get our hands dirty and unearth weeds, old dead leaves, cut dead branches that no longer produce any flowers, then one day we will wake up to a whole new consciousness, in a whole new field of energy, feeling like a whole new person, because we made the conscious choice to create a whole new world for ourselves and for the entire universe.

And we do this by opening up to a consciousness of co-creation with a power greater than ourselves.

Going back to the garden analogy, as we work in the garden, we become aware of a power greater than ourselves, one that is creating these incredible miracles of life. It humbles us. It helps us to marvel at the vastness of all that we aren’t yet conscious of. All that is going on and changing whether we accept it or not. The reality of the change of seasons happens whether we go with the flow or not.

So when feeling lost, lonely, isolated, unmotivated, uninterested in what used to interest us, know that this too shall pass. Change is inevitable. Our consciousness, our soul, our heart will always be tugging at our free-will for us to choose to continue going forward into the new vibrational field, into this new world we are all co-creating together. We are all part of this new wave and our new garden, our new consciousness, is as close to us what we choose to focus on.

We can choose to stay in the old consciousness and focus, or we can choose to go forward by focusing on a new greater consciousness we are co-creating with the Universe.

The change is here.

We have the free-will to choose acceptance, or resistance of this change. But our acceptance or resistance does not stop the flow of change.

A new season is upon us.

We can choose to be brave, be strong, be loving, be forgiving and be free.

It is up to us individually, and collectively.

Our new garden awaits us.


– Michèle 💖
photo & writing ©Michèle Duquet, all rights reserved


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29 thoughts on “The metaphysical garden of change

  1. As Voltaire said through Candide, we must cultivate our own garden. A very apt metaphor you’ve chosen and a fascinating discussion. Thanks for sharing! Of course, you would have further reason to cultivate your garden in eastern Canada, as the growing season is relatively short.

  2. A wonderful post that brings us hope in a challenging world, and great practical tips to remain on the co-creative path to bring forward the positive changes we want to see in ourselves and our world. Thank you for sharing your experience, your insights, your wisdom and your light dear Michèle! ❤ ❤ ❤ I love all your videos!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Much love and light, Amira

  3. Mimi… I cannot begin to tell you how much I really needed to read your words today. I have been struggling so much with this very issue for quite some time — Knowing that I’m feeling an urge to pursue a different path, a path that may lead me to where I am meant to be and my old ways resisting that change in direction. It’s almost like I have 2 children within me fighting over me. One wanting me to stay in the same place in my life; the other encouraging me to move in another direction. But, either way, that urge for change is not going anywhere and like you said, the change will happen whether we want it to or not.

    I also relate so much with the rose theory you used. We choose what we focus our attention on. We can focus on the positive aspects of a situation, or we can allow the negative aspects to mold our perception and attitude towards life. I’m working very hard on changing this habit within myself. I’m a very sensitive soul, so when people are rude to me, I immediately feel that something is wrong with me, when really I have to remind myself that one person’s negative treatment towards me does not mean it is the world against me. I cannot allow their behavior to hinder my progress in life. I hope I’m making sense. Lol.

    I’m so sorry for the long response to your post, but I was just so moved by your words and felt like I was meant to read them at this very moment. Please do not quit what you are doing here, my friend. You are helping so many people by sharing your experiences. Thank you so much for this post, Mimi.

    Wishing you all kinds of happiness and sending you a boat load of hugs and sunshine, my sweet friend. 💕💖🌸💕✨

  4. Oh sweet Brandi, your beautiful message touches me so deeply. I can empathize so completely with what you shared and I thank you so much for sharing it. I remember about 10 years ago when I came to a crossroad. I knew that if I did not choose to shift into what I am doing now, that I might stand the chance of “dying with my music still in me” as Wayne Dyer always said (“Don’t die with your music still in you”). It was the clearest moment of conscious shift I ever had. And I knew it would be a difficult journey but that resisting it would be pointless. I came here to do something and I knew I had to do that. I knew it was my soul mission.
    As far as rude people, it’s almost automatic now that I feel for their pain. Don’t get me wrong, I will tell them not to speak to me that way lol, but I also feel that they are in pain. So my reaction isn’t a strong one. Usually saying something like “long day huh?” brings their guard down. I am strong in my own sense of self now so it’s easier not to take it personally. But of course it wasn’t always that way.
    So hang in there. You will get clearer and clearer on what your next step it. And one step at a time, you’ll get to exactly where you are meant to be. Actually, where you are now is exactly where you are meant to be. And one day you’ll look back and be amazed at how far you’ve come!
    I loved your “long” message. It filled me with love and care for what you are going through. Don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here for you. Lots of love & hugs 💖💕🌷🌳🍃XOXO
    (P.S.: do I even have a contact page lol? I’ll go check and create one if I don’t)

  5. I have read your post and comments – a lot to absorb. I will read again and reflect more but what came to me is a phrase from an old song: rejoice, rejoice, we have no choice but to carry on. I hear: rejoice to whatever comes and carry on. Thanks for starting me onto this line of thinking again.

  6. I love the garden analogy. Today, i was pulling weeds while preparing beds for Fall sowing. I then went through seed packets to chose the plants that will produce before winter comes, or live secretly under cover. Gardeners often look ahead and work with the foreseeable changes. The future is present in the now.

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