Mimi’s Energy Readings

Hello beautiful souls, welcome to my energy readings and soul guidance page.

Please feel free to view the YouTube playlist above with videos of the public energy readings I give.

[NOTE: Next available reading is in July 2022]

If you feel that you could benefit from a one-on-one private reading or soul guidance, simply contact me at the following email with the subject line:

Mimi’s energy readings / soul guidance“:

MDUQUET111 at GMAIL dot COM (written this way to prevent robot spam)

PRICES (in US$ outside Canada):

Zoom one-on-one private video readings: $75 per 45 minutes; $60 per 30 minutes

Written readings only: $40 per reading, 3 questions limit

Written + recorded readings: $55 per reading, 3 questions limit

Soul guidance series of 4 x 1hr sessions: $300

Payment paid via PayPal must be received prior to each session.

A formal declaration (see below) will be needed from you before a reading can be given:

“I,  _________________________ , understand that any information given during this session is for guidance only, and I fully understand that my physical, emotional and spiritual health is wholly and fully my responsibility, and my responsibility alone.”

The way I work:

Through 2 years of extraordinary childhood metaphysical experiences where I experienced Source, I was left forever connected to the energetic realms. It is through this connection with infinite consciousness that I read the energies and deliver the messages I get.

I am not the one doing the work. I simply get out of the way and allow Source to speak through me as I translate energy into human spoken words.

My readings come from the most loving energetic realms and frequencies. They are always positive and given with the highest intention of helping you along your evolutionary path.

Please note that I do not predict the future but rather I read the energies in the present moment and sense where they are headed and where guidance is needed from the energetic realms.

It is a great privilege and honor to be of service this way.

In love and light,


Playlist of all energy readings given on my YouTube channels.