[Working Title]* Synopsis:

*Since the official book title is still subject to final approval, I thought… hmm, perhaps “working title” is as good a title as any in the interim!

[Working Title] is a part memoir, part spiritual guide authored by Michèle Duquet, a successful French-Canadian film and TV actor. In her book, Michèle opens up about her deepest secrets and bursts out of her spiritual closet by taking the reader on an extraordinary otherworldly ride through the metaphysical insights she received during 2 years of astral travels between the ages of 8 and 10. By sharing her unique perspective and insights, Michèle extends a reassuring hand to the reader as she takes them through the human/soul lessons that brought her true joy along the way.

[Working Title] empowers the reader to know how to embrace and love what is: that the soul grows and evolves not through out-of-body experiences, but rather, through its in-body presence. Michèle recounts how everything she needed to grow, heal and transform was found, not ‘out there’, but rather right here, right in the details of her everyday life – details that include economic hardship, magical manifestations, successful modeling and acting careers, relationship heartbreaks, childhood trauma and years of struggle with addiction. By sharing the ups and downs of her life with raw honesty, grace and open-heartedness, Michèle lovingly guides the reader towards the soul lessons of this human moment where they can discover their true power of choice, and transform their own life.


With deep gratitude