I’ve been thinking about this about page and it always makes me laugh because, let’s be honest, “I” wrote it about “her” 🤔

It’s one of those weird conventions in the film/TV/publishing/PR biz where you write your own bio as if someone else wrote it about you.

It’s convenient because it says a lot in a short space. But it doesn’t say everything…

Here are 3 things you won’t find in the bio:

  • I’m a loving and loyal friend
  • my heart bursts open easily
  • I find joy and optimism everywhere

Now go ahead and read all about “her” if you wish 😁

And thanks for stopping by!! ❤️🦋xo



Photo by Colette Stevenson

           Michèle is a well-known French-Canadian film and television actor whose career spanned over 4 decades and 3 continents. She jump-started her acting career by landing roles in three US productions, Police Academy 4, Three men in a Baby and A New Life, working alongside Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson, Leonard Nimoy and Alan Alda. Born in Quebec, this trilingual actor is best known in English-Canada for her lead role in Khaled, an indie feature film named one of Canada’s top 10 films of 2001. In French-Canada, Michèle is best known for her portrayal of Olivier Guimond’s mother in the wildly popular miniseries Cher Olivier. This was a very demanding role that saw Michèle aging as the same character through 6 decades. She received much acclaim in Argentina for her starring role in After All it’s Only Life, a role she played entirely in Spanish. She reached the European market with her series’ lead role of Miranda de Mers in Foreign Affairs, a Netherlands/Canada/Argentina co-production which became a huge hit in Greece. Michèle is also a voice-over artist, voicing many radio and TV commercials in both English and French.

            In 2007, after discovering that toxic chemicals in beauty products were making her very ill, Michèle began creating aromatherapy products using only 100% organic and natural ingredients. She also became a certified aromatologist. Many people in the film and TV industry became interested in buying her products so she created her own line of organic skincare and founded Michèle’s Organics, a heart-based corporation that was both good for the environment, and good for the soul. After continuing to enjoy much success in both her acting career and entrepreneurial endeavors, Michèle decided to fold the skincare company in 2016, opting not to sell it. After much soul-searching, she came to the realization that her passion for helping others with their soul-awakening journey was not being fulfilled. While her essential oil potions were loved by many, the business of running a company had taken over. Rather than sell it and risk having the healthy ingredients tampered with, she made the integral choice to dissolve the company so she could pursue her true soul-passion.

            In May of 2013, Michèle began putting pen to paper, finally writing down the extraordinary mystical and metaphysical events she had experienced between the ages of 8 and 10, and the profound lessons and insights that came from them. She spent the next 5 years penning a part- memoir, part spiritual-guide, completing her first book in 2018.

            As the result of her soul-stirring writing journey, Michèle was finally able to integrate what she had been taught during her metaphysical experiences and embody the soul lessons she had shunned since childhood. She understood her Divinely guided spiritual unfoldment and why her life was destined to include childhood trauma and years of struggle with addiction. As she embraced her authentic self, she reawakened her ability to see and sense energies, and began doing energy healing work, becoming a certified Bioenergy Therapy practitioner in May of 2017.

            In the fall of 2017, Michèle launched a series of transformational workshops and meditation recordings based on her book and the spiritual insights she had received during her childhood experiences. She is currently working on creating a workbook accompaniment to her first book. She is also in the planning stages of writing her second book on the infinite power of consciousness.

In 2019, Michèle started her YouTube channel, Soulful & Unplugged, where she enjoys great connections with awakening souls from all over the world.

            Michèle is passionate about being of service to others in their transformative journey, describing this as being the most humbling and fulfilling work of her life.

            She continues to be active in her acting career and enjoys the beautiful simple life she shares with her sweet furry companion, Roxy.


Acting work: Michèle Duquet

Michèle’s Vlog / Youtube Channel: Michèle Duquet – Soulful & Unplugged

Twitter: @MicheleOrganics

Instagram: Michèle’s inspirational posts

Photographer link: Colette Stevenson


Photo by Colette Stevenson


With deep gratitude


52 thoughts on “About

  1. Lovely to meet you Michele, you’ve definitely had a very interesting career. I’d like to thank you for following my log/website, muchly appreciated, I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings, and I’m from Geelong, Australia. Lately I’ve been emotionally writing about the Children Refugee situation in Texas, This link explains my personal involvement with trying to Help The Children…. https://ivors20.wordpress.com/2018/07/08/i-am-not-a-child-i-am-an-adult-i-can-help/
    However I do write poems about various other subjects, I’ll attach a link to one my favourites.
    Cheers. Ivor.

    • Thank you so much!! And hello fellow Canadian! What a beautiful honour (spelled the Canadian way lol). I am very touched by your nomination and will joyfully participate. Sending love & light, Michèle 💖🌟🦋

  2. Thank you so much for the follow and the comment on one of my posts. I really appreciate this. Your blog is wonderful and you seem to be a very interesting person. I never use any chemicals as far as basic cosmetics such as a cream for dry skin, sun cream, body gel and shampoo… everything as natural as possible.

  3. The world needs healing and encouragement and you being just exactly who you are. Thank you.
    I am smiling with the connection you have found in my poems. Thanks for supporting my voice in the world.
    Love always wins.

  4. Hi ,

    I am really enjoying your YouTube channel. It’s absolutely wonderful to listen to someone that has the same understanding of where we are , and what is around us here . I am very empathic. This has brought much pleasure over the years here . Healing and helping souls as much as I can whilst I am here. I as you universe to send me more souls that need help and healing when I run out of souls needing help. And they start to turn up.
    Re manifestation, this is interesting. As an Empath, I read and pick up on enegiers of those around me. And find this difficult sometimes, particularly if there’s negitve energy. I had a desire to live on a yacht. And was wondering how to finance it ? I then started to communicate with the universe, and worked on manifesting it. Interestingly enough. An old boss that employed me as his Chief Engineer suddenly turned up. And said I never thanked you or gave you a bonus. I received a substantial sum . Enough to purchase a yacht comfortable enough to live on . So I packed up the house and rented it out , and live on my yacht on the beautiful harbour in Poole , Dorset, England. I can channel my emergies better here , and meditate much better , without picking up on the energies of others around me.

    Much love to you ,


    • Hello Daryl, what a wonderful turn of events! I am so happy for you! Thank you so much for your kind words about my YouTube channel. I am very grateful that you are enjoying it. I love how you manifested living on a yacht so you can now help others with your energy work. That is so wonderful!!
      Have an amazing day.
      Much love,
      Michèle 💗💞🌺

      • Hi Michèle ,

        Yes please, definitely a live meditation. I feel that at this particular moment. We should be using are ability to create conevtivity and raising the vibration further. This is what we are here to do.. I have a very intense feeling about this . I also feel that we should be projecting golden light from our core .

        Thank you for your beautiful work, very much love and light to you. ❤❤❤

      • Hi Michelle,

        I would like to share these thoughts, and feelings with you please. As mentioned before, our media is manifesting fear , panic , uncertainty and a feeling that our society as we know it is in jeopardy. Also as mentioned in a previous message. I have turned the T.V off, thus giving me the clarity to think clearly. As a result of this , I have become rather excited and embrace the oppertunity to be part of creating a new , and better world. After all, isn’t this the reason for the assention. This is the thought that I would like to share with you ? I feel that we should be giving our younger generation (our Starseeds ) the tools to continue our work here once our Avitar’s have warn out an we have to return home. I have very strongly guided feelings that we should be creating communities where enlightened souls can live together. Where our Starseeds can be educated with our knowledge and ways . So they enter into adulthood enlightened from the offset. Bringing those values into humanity, and changing the vibration and ethos from the beginning of thier time here . I feel that these communities should be placed on every continent . This is a huge undertaking, and feel that enlightened souls should join together and create a management body, a council to achieve this . Because we are operating within a 3D environment. A charity should be created officially. A tremendous amount of fund raising will be required. I estimate that around five million will be required to start each community. These communities are not to be reclusive. They will be completely open and inviting to unawakend souls searching for the anwser.

        I would be very interested to hear your thoughts ?

        Sending you very much love and light .

        Kind regards

        Daryl Phillips

      • That, dear Daryl, is a magnificent vision! We can co-create a new earth through meditation and vision and focus. But it also needs a lot of action work. We can each do our part with what gifts we have. Either one human at a time or big groups at a time. Thank you for sharing this. I wish you well!
        In love & light,

      • Hi Michele ,

        Thank you for your reply. It’s rather exciting to world that we are all working towards as a collective .

        Thank you very much for your recent meditations . They have been absolutly beautiful. Thank you.

        Much love and light to you


      • Hi again Michael,

        I forgot in my previous message to say , that I personally have stopped watching the news reports . I feel better for it. The reports are working hard to manifest sickness and distress. I simply keep working in a positive way, keeping hands cleaned regularly ,and just being careful . I am very much of the opinion. That we have a date pre-booked to go home . So I am doing what I can . But leaving it in the hands of the energies. Much love and light to you. ❤❤❤

      • I agree with not watching the news. It’s so easy to know what we need to know without watching the news. Much love & light right back at ya! ❤❤❤

  5. Hi Michele 😊
    I wanted to tell you , that I was saddened to hear that your maman has passed . Losing our mother is an end to the earthly love that you shared . Her lessons and stories and hugs will be with you always.
    Mes sympathies Michèle .
    Suzie ❌❌

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