Guided Meditations


Welcome to my meditation page, where you can rest and restore your beautiful energies and reconnect with your soul.

Simply click on the videos below for the meditation that resonates with you.

Wishing you peace and deep inner healing on your beautiful journey.

Much love,



Resting in the Cosmic Garden:

Guided meditation: Healing in the Cosmic Garden. Soothing female voice meditation (20 minutes).

Headphones are recommended for best effect. Guided meditation: 0:42 to 21:33. Pure music: 21:33 to 40:00. This is a deeply relaxing, soothing, calming and restorative meditation of high vibrational frequency recorded especially for energy workers (starseeds, lightworkers, wayshowers, earth angels, empaths as well as indigo, crystal, rainbow and star children). The female voice you hear is my own, but I was in an energy healing state of being while recording, so you are also receiving those healing energies from me as you listen to this guided mediation. Come rest in your high dimensional cosmic garden where you are always loved and welcomed. This guided meditation can also be used to help with sleep, or to help you fall asleep.


Universal love:

Attune to Universal Love Energy. Expand your heart’s electromagnetic field. Be Love.

This is a very high vibrational, transformative and soothing guided meditation that helps you magnify your heart’s electromagnetic field and attune to the Universal love energy that is vibrating everywhere, at all times. By doing this meditation every morning at the start of your day, you will feel greater peace throughout your day and be able to have a positive effect on the world around you. You heart’s electromagnetic field will begin to have a calming and loving effect on those around you. Without any words being spoken, you will develop the ability to help others by your presence alone, while also finding greater peace within yourself.