Michèle Duquet’s Bioenergy Therapy Practitioner certification credentials & story:

I received my Bioenergy Therapy Practitioner certification in May of 2017 after a year of study with my wonderful teacher and mentor, Ellen Lewinberg.

The energy healing method I use is the Domencic method, developed by the world-reknown energy healer Zdenko Domancic.

For distance energy therapy treatments, contact me at:     

MDUQUET111 at GMAIL dot COM (written this way to prevent robot spam)

Cost:      $340 for 4 sessions. $100 for single session

All treatments are done via:      Zoom

Video of Michèle doing distance Bio-energy therapy on YouTube:

My story:

During my childhood, I experienced 2 years of profound metaphysical events that left me forever changed… forever intimately connected to the energetic realms. About 10 years ago, I began seeing energies emanating from my hands, then from flowers, nature, animals and humans. This naturally led me to doing my own personal form of energy healing. But while my friends and family were getting better, I often found that my own energies felt depleted afterwards, and at times, my body even took on some of the ailments I was helping others with.

So I began searching for an energy healing method I could safely use on others, one that could also teach me how to preserve my own energetic wellness and health.

That is when the Universe gifted me with the perfect method, and the perfect teacher. And the results have been astounding.

What I love about this method is that I am free of the title of “healer”. I know I am not doing the healing. I am simply channeling infinite source energy and balancing energies according to the very precise patterns and protocols developed by Mr. Zdenko Domancic.

It is humbling to be of service to others in this way. It is also some of the most deeply satisfying work I have ever done.

Much love & joy, Michèle (& my sweet little canine assistant, Roxy)



* Client recovering from a knee ligament sprain – all treatments given by phone through distant healing:

“I thought I should let you know: yesterday I worked 13 hours. My left knee was a lot stronger than days before and with almost 0 pain. This could not have happened if I was still in the situation I was in 3-4 days back.”

2 weeks later: “You won’t believe the amount of jobs I’ve worked on in the past 2 weeks after your miraculous work on my knee!! Thank you for your dedication. I appreciate so much the help you gave me.”     – Walter P., Toronto, Canada

Client with 30 years of chronic pain due to illness:

“From the very first time I received Michèle’s loving healing touch a year and a half ago, I could feel immediate results. The chronic pain I’ve suffered from for over 30 years would go from a level 8 or 9 out of 10, down to 0 within as short a time as 20 minutes. My regular sessions with Michèle now give me a tangible way to manage my chronic pain. And after each 4-day treatments, I always experience an overall feeling of wellbeing and optimism. Thank you Michèle for making such a difference in my quality of life.”       – Eva, Toronto

Client recovering from multiple finger fractures and finger dislocation:

“I wanted to let you know that my fingers (and the rest of me!) are doing quite well. Pain has DEFINITELY been lessened since we did the energy work. And I just noticed this last week that they’re not as misshapen as they were 2 months ago. I’ve also been sleeping better. You definitely helped advance my healing in a way I would not have been able to myself. Thank you. For all you do. And Roxy too.                   – Anne P.



What is Bioenergy Therapy?

Bioenergy Therapy works on the body’s energetic system and is based on the principal that the body’s natural healthy state is one where it is in perfect energetic harmony: that health occurs because the body is in a state of energetic balance, and that this is our natural state.

When physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual trauma occurs, the body’s natural ability to heal itself is thrown off balance because its energetic state is thrown off balance.

Bioenergy Therapy uses a set of pre-established protocols that balance the body’s own energy. Through a series of hands-on energy channelling as well as hand movements to move the body’s energy, the energy is brought back into balance, and the body’s innate ability to heal itself is re-established.


Where does this method come from?

This method was developed 35 years ago by Zdenko Domancic.

As stated on his website: “The leading medical  establishment of then Yugoslavia documented Zdenko Domancic‘s treatment of 200 people with advanced stages of gangrene.

After receiving Bioenergy healing treatment, the patients were cured of gangrene and no extremities were amputated. This medical evaluation lasted for almost half a year and is documented in a book entitled, Healer Domancic by D. Jakcin”.

Bioenergy boosts the immune system, spreading information of optimum performance to all cells, and enables the body to heal itselfEvery cell in your body has the picture of the healthy body. Every cell holds the information of the entire system. A single cell could reproduce the entire body under the perfect circumstances. All that a biotherapist has to do is restore the original environment. In essence, it is not the biotherapist who heals. He just fixes your energy field. It is your body that heals itself”          – Zdenko Domancic

Documentary film “Think About It” featuring Zdenko Domancic’s healing method: