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Welcome to my Vlog birthed on January 7th 2019.

This channel is about the awakening journey. In my videos, I will help you navigate the challenges that come up as our soul becomes a graceful witness to the human journey.

This vlog can be used as a spiritual guide to help bring joy into our lives as we learn how to experience our soul’s evolutionary journey through our human presence.

New videos are posted once a week, on Mondays.

I will also be creating and posting meditations twice a month.

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Thank you so much for watching!

Sending you love and light.

Michèle 💖xo

Channel direct link: Michèle Duquet – Soulful & Unplugged


Vlog introduction video:

Personal metaphysical experiences of infinite consciousness & our human/soul awakening journey.


Vlog 28:

July-August 2019 energy update: New energies beyond 5D. A need to ground to assist ascension


Vlog 27:

July 2019 Energy Update: Fast changes, higher sensitivities & the energy fields of change


Vlog 26:

Energy-shift “hack”! Do this to instantly shift your vibration or mood into love & positivity


Vlog 25:

Important #energyUpdate! How to ride the waves of intensity: the inner work of 5D ascension


Vlog 24:

Why are June energies so intense? #EnergyUpdate for Lightworkers/starseeds/wayshowers/healers


Vlog 23:

This saved my friend’s life! Was it Divine intervention? The magic of Eva & Tom’s garden


Vlog 22:

The UP side of struggle during great energetic shifts: the Universe matches our courage


Vlog 21:

Introducing new guided meditations (*Note: for all meditations, click on “Meditations” tab in menu bar above)


Vlog 20:

The heart of 5D: our powerful electromagnetic field & the high vibrational frequency of love


Vlog 19:

5D shift in consciousness conversation continued – Highlighting amazing subscriber comments


Vlog 18:

5D seen through my experience of infinite consciousness. Why a 5D shift? Why are we here?


Vlog 17:

Spring & the magic of nature. Re-awakening our soul through our connection to nature


Vlog 16:

How to read your energy field’s frequency, to heal from within & transform your life


Vlog 15:

The importance of gratitude & the energy of gratitude in the manifestation process


Vlog 14:

This saved my life! How to “hear” messages from Spirit, energy-beings, angels & guides


Vlog 13:

Dream poetry. Beautiful images & inspirational dream spoken word poetry


Vlog 12:

12 Shout-outs!! 100+ subscribers! Thank you from my joy-filled heart!


Vlog 11:

What’s the ego’s purpose? Making friends with your ego. Ego’s role in our spiritual evolution


Vlog 10:

How to co-create new quantum energy fields in the real world to manifest the life you want


Vlog 9:

Hearing SPIRIT: How the SOUL speaks in illness. Metaphysical quantum energy fields (Part 4)


Vlog 8:

Metaphysical quantum energy fields: the HEART of healing & the Universal Love energy field (Part 3)


Vlog 7:

Eczema cured! Manifest health with quantum energy fields / Metaphysical astral travel (Part 2)


Vlog 6:

My metaphysical astral travel experience of energy fields & of the infinite creative field (Part 1)


Vlog 5:

Dog wisdom: dog lessons for humans from my dog – DOG VIDEO (sweet/funny/touching/inspiring)


Vlog 4:

Powerful crystals for protection!! Some of the best crystals & stones for protection!


Vlog 3:

Is this even yours?? Powerful! How to clear empath emotions/energy with an energy vortex!


Vlog 2:

Very empowering! Embrace and overcome fear through love & mindfulness


Vlog 1:

Facing & overcoming claustrophobic fears during an MRI     (sweet/funny/real)