Today’s Soul Whisper: the here & now of inner healing

How to read your energy field’s frequency, to heal from within & transform your life.

In this video I show you how to read your life, exactly as it is, here and now, as the book of who you are. I go into how you can find the key to inner healing by accepting the clues your life gives you.

Sending love & light.
Michèle 💖xo

8 thoughts on “Today’s Soul Whisper: the here & now of inner healing

  1. This resonated with me a great deal! Very well said! I also have been going through an Soul transformation and mine also began five years ago. I am not renovating my home at the moment but I am currently homeless (staying with a family member) and am in the process of moving across the country. I find that to be very significant for my inner being and this is a new chapter in my life.

    • How exciting! And scary a bit too I’m sure. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch and for your beautiful comments. I am always happy to connect with a fellow traveler who resonates with what I post. Happy travels dear friend! Namaste 💖💕🌷🌳🍃

  2. Dear Michèle: I love your You tube teachings… I have been binge-watching all your videos!!!
    Thank you for sharing so much wisdom and such amazing mystical experiences! By the way you described them I was totally immersed in your descriptions…WOW! What an awakening you went through at such an early age! Your path was laid out for you to work with energy healing!!!
    Your videos feel like you are talking one on one, with each one of us, directly to the heart!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing and shining your light on the path! ❤ Much love and light ❤

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