Today’s Heart Whisper… a special message of love & gratitude 💖

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This is the first day.

A new day, a new beginning.

My heart is full, so full, thanks to you.

I read your beautiful words, and sense your beautiful touch.

You fill my life with love by just being you. You. You!

I thank you for your courage to write, to express, to create.

Please stay true to you.

From the bottom of my heart,

I thank you.

Wishing you love, joy, creativity and freedom of expression in 2019!

Michèle 💖xo

My New Year’s Day gift from WordPress:


42 thoughts on “Today’s Heart Whisper… a special message of love & gratitude 💖

  1. What a beautiful love letter to start the new year Michele! I felt like you wrote it for me personally. 🙂 If you’ve read my last two posts, then you will know why. 🙂 I appreciate you too. May we support each other in the new year, and make it one of beautiful and loving expressions. Happy New Year! 🎉

  2. Wow!! Congratulations, Mimi!! Reaching 500 is such a milestone, but doesn’t surprise me at all that you’ve reached it! Your blog is amazing and so uplifting and you inspire and motivate everyone around you. Keep up the good work! It has been a pleasure and extreme honor reading your posts and an even bigger honor to have you as a dear friend! Much love to you!! ☺️💖✨

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