Sunday’s Heart Whisper… Healing the past by loving the present 🌺


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Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.”

Tori Amos


The past still lives in us.

Everything that we are now, everything in our lives now, every detail that surrounds us now are clues as to what needs healing whether we are conscious of it or not.

Every moment is a potential opportunity to heal.

We may not be aware of how we resist what needs healing, how we deny it, or how we give it power. We live in its pain by fearing it or by refusing to journey through it to the other side, towards healing.

Yet… healing the past need not be painful.

Within this present moment exists everything we need for healing – within everything that is manifesting physically, within everything that is felt in the heart, and within everything that is whispered by our spirit.

If we can find the courage and willingness to embrace, and yes even love what we discover, letting go of our resistance to seeing and embracing what is, this will have the miraculous effect of also releasing its pain.

Becoming conscious of all that we are now is the key to healing and transformation.

And we become ready to enter into this path of consciousness and self- love by first finding the willingness to be present to all that we are… now.

We are that powerful.

We are that beautiful.

We are that worthy of our greatest love.

Ask yourself in this moment, “Am I willing to love myself exactly as I am right now?”

A single drop of willingness is all we need.

The most microscopic drop of willingness -– the willingness to love and accept ourselves as we are right now – has the power to move the entire Universe and create miraculous healing.


In love & light,

Michèle 🌺


©Michèle Duquet, all rights reserved.

(This was a short excerpt adapted from my yet-to-be-published book ©Michèle Duquet, all rights reserved.)

18 thoughts on “Sunday’s Heart Whisper… Healing the past by loving the present 🌺

  1. A beautiful inspiration to make us think of the miracle of life and healing.When we cut our finger accidentally, or get a bruise, in a few days, as if by magic, our healing begins and soon there is no evidence left of that cut or bruise! It’s a miraculous force, and we need to become aware of it and tap into it, knowing and trusting that is always there for us! Thank you for the inspiration dear Michèle! ❤

    • Beautifully said Amira! Miracles happen every day. Life itself is miraculous. And healing is there within the very pain we are resisting. Thank you dear friend for your kind words. Deeply grateful. 💖🌸✨xo

  2. Faith as small as a mustard seed (your “microscopic drop of willingness”), can move mountains, or set things in motion in the Universe as you say. I believe this to be true. 🙏🏼❤️ Well put Michèle🤗 Great blog!

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