Today’s Heart Whisper… sometimes the loving choice is to let go.

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You ask me to lift you

and so…

a hand a heart a soul
touches you

you insist
where you are I must also be

but I know
where you are is a ghost of me
where you are I chose not to be

You pull you tug you stamp

you insist
Where you are I must also go

but I see
and I listen
and I feel
and I sense

and so…

my hand my heart my soul
lets go

with love
With light
With compassion

for me
for you

I let go


When someone asks for help and I see how their story keeps them in pain, I extend my hand, my heart, my soul. But if they are very attached to their pain, they’ll want to pull me into their story, into their pain, into what justifies it. When their tight grip tries to pull me to where they are, I understand I must let go. Come here I say. Look here I say. But if they insist on staying where they are, unwilling to move, unwilling to see anew, in their full free-will, I must let go. With love, with light, with compassion I extend a prayer… and let go.

– Michèle

©Michèle Duquet



30 thoughts on “Today’s Heart Whisper… sometimes the loving choice is to let go.

  1. This is so true dear Michèle! Sometimes, this is the kindest thing we can do for a person attached to their victim-hood story, we can try to help so they can begin their healing, but the person needs to want to heal (free-will) … for as long as they want to cling to their pain, their story, and justification,…we cannot get pulled into that drama and we have to let go. We can only extend our compassion, our love, and a our prayers. The light will one day bring to them solace and healing, when they are ready to accept it.

    • Yes it is about being ready as you say. Sometimes it’s when the present pain is greater than the fear of change. Thank you for your insightful comments, so appreciated!!

    • Still though, beneath that “drama” is a real human being with a lifetime of hurt and pain-programming that can’t be undone in an instant. Their moment of change, of choosing to change, is like trying to stop a moving train. When I choose to see human beings through a compassionate lens, I actually find it easier to stay detached by accepting them as they are, not as I’d wish them to be. I can only do my small part, plant my little seeds here and there, and the rest is really up to them. By remaining compassionate, with an open heart, I can be strong and not enable them, and also see and do what is best for me.

      • Oh dear – apologies for spelling your name wrong. Blind eyes make fingers do all sorts of stupid things!

      • Please no worries!! It warmed my heart because it reminded me of the way a dear neighbor of mine sometimes pronounces my name (on purpose as a tease lol – and I love it).
        I deeply appreciate that you took the time to read and comment! Spelling mistakes and typos are totally embraced with love.💖xo

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