DIY Toothpaste!


DIY Toothpaste!

( Disclaimer: I am not a dentist. Nor am I a dental care expert – although 2 teenage years in braces to get these perly whites to straighten did make me a wee bit obsessive about teeth cleaning, but I digress… The information contained in this article is for fun anecdotal entertainment only. If you decide to try this, do so at your own risk. And always remember to floss 😉 )

Full disclosure…. I make my own toothpaste!

Why DIY when the shelves are overflowing with every type of toothpaste imaginable? I first stopped using commercial brands years ago, switching to the natural brands to avoid certain ingredients I was not fond of. We all know what those are wink wink 😉

I was very honest with my dentist, telling her exactly what I was using in the way of alternative brands, and I was always “one of her best patients, with exemplary dental hygiene” as she put it.

One day after running out of toothpaste, I didn’t want to leave the house without brushing my teeth so I decided to go to my kitchen to see what I could whip up.

Hmm, lets see… aluminum-free baking soda, check. Organic coconut oil, check. Essential oils… goes without saying, check.

A bit of mixing, testing and… YUCK!!

The baking soda taste was horrible…!

I needed a little something to sweeten and soften the mix… I added some organic liquid stevia and…. voilà!

I love this so much that I actually don’t buy toothpaste anymore. I love how my teeth feel afterwards, so smooth and clean! I’m also switching to a biological dentist but that’s a whole other topic 😉

My DIY toothpaste recipe:

1 tbs organic non-processed coconut oil
1 tbs aluminum-free baking soda
8 drops organic spearmint essential oil*
1 squirt liquid Stevia

* I use spearmint rather that peppermint because peppermint is a contraindication to homeopathic remedies. (That’s just a fancy way of saying your homeopathic remedies won’t work if you use peppermint).

(NOTE: Essential oils are for external use only. So spit it out & rinse well. Always consult your health care professional if pregnant, breastfeeding, on medications or homeopathic remedies before using any essential oil products. Keep out of reach of children and pets, especially cats and birds. NEVER use essential oils on cats or birds.)



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